Where I Stand 

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This campaign is not about politics. It's about the issues. Issues that directly affect our students, educators, families and our community. 

Below are answers to some of the most frequent questions I have received. 

What is your experience with public education? 

My background is filled with public education. I was a public-school student, a coach for both high school and middle school student athletes and have classroom experience as both a full-time teacher and substitute teacher. I believe this direct experience with students gives me an important view to bring to the board.

In addition, my current work has me interact a great deal with the community, especially with local businesses. I have listened to business owners who struggle to fill jobs in the valley. D51 can lead on cultivating career and college prepared students to fill out our workforce.

What would be your top priorities if you got on the board? 

Do you support the bond for a new Grand Junction High School? 

What role should charter schools play in our school? 

How will you address lack of funding in our district? 

How can the district best support all its students?