Hi, I'm Nick

As a student, educator, coach, and community advocate, public education has always been a major part of my life. My time in public school was extremely beneficial and I feel obliged to give back. I had excellent teachers, access to resources and a whole bunch of extra curricular activities. School was a place where I felt cared for, safe and welcomed. I loved being both challenged and supported. These are the experiences all students should have in public schools. I want to bring this reality to every student, every day! I have three goals that I know will get us on the right track for achieving this. First, we need to have a teacher in every classroom. For the past several years, nearly 30 teaching positions in our district have remained unfilled and rather than fix the problems that left classrooms empty, the district has decided to cut them all together. Let’s change this by getting a certified teacher in every classroom! Next, my goal is to have schools be fully staffed for the students who especially need the support to succeed, bringing back positions such as teacher aides and librarians. Providing these resources is crucial to the success of all of our students. Lastly, we need a board member who listens. Too often I have seen our District go to the community after major decisions have already been made. Being a part of the District Accountability Committee I plan to help bring the community’s voice to the board, not the administration’s voice to the community. Let’s start to make a change for every kid everyday! 

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